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Udemy SEO Course for Beginners

Learn the basics to Seo Optimize for your website.  Udemy SEO Course for beginners  and Get the top of google page by Seo and boost your post and Website.

Udemy SEO (search engine optimization) course can help you to get a good idea of how to optimize web pages the same way an search engine optimization specialist does.

Udemy SEO Course for Beginners
The program is structured into five key chapters, you are going to learn what SEO is and how search engines rank web pages, why target audience is important and how to select the best keywords, what the on-page search engine optimization characteristics are (all those items which must be added to a website or altered in order for it to rank better in the search engines), how off-page search engine optimization functions (methods for accessing links and promoting a website) and how to track and manage projects.
The course also comprises Quizzes, which can help you test your search engine optimization knowledge and Recap and Exercise documents, which can help you put into practice the things you learn.
What are the prerequisites?
Basic knowledge of using the computer and browsing the net will suffice.

More than 20 lectures and 48 mins of articles!
When you’ve completed this program, you will. .
Be able to optimize webpages and articles by yourself or with little help from programmers
Understand How to get high rankings on Google and other search engines for your Website

So begin now, learn by practicing; every lecture has its own recap and exercise document
What’s the target audience?
This class is intended for those who want to start an Internet Business, increase their earnings by better promoting an existing company or just learn new skills that are in high demand.

Course content Udemy seo course:
  • SEO, search engines and strategies to be avoided
  • Welcome to SEO Course for Beginners
  • Welcome to our course, here’s what you need to know before you get started
  • What is SEO, how do search engines work
  • Onpage SEO attributes – part one

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