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Lynda SEO Course for Ecommerce

Within this class you’ll discover SEO using e-commerce in seo course. This class examines the approaches for site optimization and Methods for e-commerce.seo course

SEO for ecommerce differs. Companies that sell services and products on the internet face unique challenges that affect their search positions. By way of instance, when products perish, discuss identifying information, or lack metadata, it may damage your search position and drive traffic down to your shop. That is why you need website optimization techniques and strategies specifically tailored to ecommerce. In this program, Steve Harris walks through exploring your audience and competitors, establishing your site structure for achievement, and using SEO best practices to boost your content. He also introduces search-engine marketing strategies, like implementing breadcrumbs and product testimonials and using tracking tools to measure your own performance.

Topics includes:

  • How SEO affects the buying process
  • Researching customers, keywords, and competitors
  • Using simple and long tail keywords
  • Eliminating duplicate site content
  • Using rich media
  • Designing landing pages to drive engagement
  • Blogging for SEO
  • A / B testing with Optimizely
  • Measuring traffic with Google Analytics
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