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Udemy SEO Basics Step by Step SEO for beginners

In this class we will be learning the Udemy SEO Basics – Step by Step SEO for beginners after which we’ll be able to boost up our website by making it high in Google’s search results simply by using SEO BasicsSEO OPTIMIZAION.

This class will begin with an analyzing a site of a (life / company) coach in New York. We analyze how this site ended up being high in Google’s search results by working through SEO Basics and Optimization.
This course includes 5 video’s:
Google search results: How to personalize

Keyword research
Summary of All of the knowledge
Last example of a filmmaker comprising:
A keyword research
Examples of putting on your keywords
Making a personalized search result.
There’ll also be a compact search engine optimization basedcs reader available.
At the end of the course students should be able to perform keyword research. You can upload your keyword research and show them to other pupils. So everybody learns and can give tips.
I might ask a couple of students to take their site for a example in my new class, which is more in-depth.

Familiar with Google
What am I going to get from this program?

Find the best keywords for you by performing keyword research
Optimize your Site for your keywords

What’s the target audience?
Small / medium entrepreneurs who love what they do.

User Guide for Tutorial:

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1	
Section 2: Searchresults: How to customize them to give your business a boost
Lecture 2	
Search results: how to customize 
In this SEO training, you learn how to customize your search results so people are more likely to click through to your website. Customize your search results for a better SEO.
Lecture 3	
Attention! Never edit an existing URL (link)
Section 3: 2: Use of keywords in your website
Lecture 4	
Use the keyword in the right places 
For SEO it is very important to put the keywords on the right spots in your website. Where to put keywords is wat you will learn in this SEO training for beginners.
Section 4: 2: Keyword Research: How to Analyze
Lecture 5	
Keyword research 
Keyword research is the first thing to do when you start SEO. What are your keywords? In this SEO training, you will learn by example how to do a keyword research.
Section 5: Summary of SEO basics knowledge
Lecture 6	
This online SEO training contains all the SEO knowledge for beginners to know. With this knowledge you can give your business a boost!
Section 6: The last example of SEO basics
Lecture 7	
Last example 
To top it, the last example is to put SEO knowledge for beginners to practice. This online SEO training will show you a keyword research for a filmmaker, a page optimization and how to customize search results.
Lecture 8	
The reader

SEO Basics Steps For Bigenners

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